lessons in piano, harmony, theory, and/or songwriting
with Zach Phillips
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about my teaching practice:
-- I have over ten years of experience working with students of all ages and experience levels. whatever the complexity of the material we're tackling, my emphasis is on building goal-oriented syncretic exercises that meld harmonic theory, technique, improvisation, writing and analysis

options and cost:
-- weekly/biweekly lessons are one hour but tend to run a little long. I also offer one-off two-hour lessons

-- lessons can either take place at my studio in Brooklyn, NY or remotely via Zoom etc

-- my fee structure is sliding scale, so we can discuss a rate and decide on a figure that would work for both of us

for more advanced students, my specialty interests include octatonic & augmented harmony; writing with arbitrary limitations; secondariness & relational thinking; polytonality; pedal-point & common-tone progressions; unforced novelty; modular/associative concept-building; fruitful wrongness & productive error; learning to better enjoy & use ambivalence & ambiguity; and so on. contact me! why not?